Monday, September 14, 2015

you are the best thing

My Sweet Jake:

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty big day for the both of us. It's a day that snuck up on me far too soon, and it's a day that you will begin a new chapter in your young little life. It's a day that the mere thought of puts a smile on my face and a lump in the back of my throat. It's a day that is inevitable for all three-year-olds and moms alike. You see, tomorrow is your first day of pre-school. 

I know it's probably a bigger deal to me than it is to you but that's only because you are my first-born. Your birth launched me into a lifetime of "firsts" that I will only ever get to experience with you. I knew this day would arrive sooner than later, but I never expected it to draw up the emotions that it has. It's not about being away from you for a few hours, but rather, setting you free into the wild for you to start experiencing life first-hand without me. 

The day you were born, I couldn't help but wonder how I ever managed to live thirty years of my life without you. At just moments old, you claimed a piece of my heart that I never knew existed. It was reserved for you and only you and it's the greatest love that I have ever known. You fulfilled a dream that only one person on this planet could ever take credit for; you made me a mom. 

One of the greatest rewards of motherhood, thus far, has been watching you grow. I can only hope that you embrace and apply all of the life lessons I have attempted to instill upon you. You may only be three but the fundamentals of life and human decency can never be introduced too soon. 

As your mom, I have to let you fall to see you pick yourself back up. I have to let you set goals for yourself so I can watch you achieve them. I have to let you fail so you know what it's like to succeed. I have to love you unconditionally so you can learn to love and learn to be loved. I have to show you compassion so you learn to be kind to others. Most importantly, I have to let go of you a little piece at a time in order to let you grow into the person YOU want to become. While I will not always be able to hold your hand, know that I will always be behind you.

In addition.....

*Aim for simplicity. Experiences will 
 be far more fulfilling to you in life 
 than material possessions.
*Always give to others even if you   
 don't have much to give.
*Laugh and laugh often.
*Never, ever take your health for 
 granted. Without it, nothing else 
*Forgive but never forget.
*Learn to play a musical instrument.
*Don't worry about the things you 
 have no control over.
*Strive for happiness, not perfection.
*Don't ever invest more time in others 
 than they are willing to invest in you.
*Learn how to cook.
*Remember tattoos are permanent.
*Don't judge others by how they look 
 or what they do or don't have, but 
 rather, judge them based on how 
 they treat others.
*Go on adventures.
*Be kind. Nothing in life is ever worth 
 intentionally hurting somebody over.
*Don't ever take yourself too 
*Live in the moment.
*Know that I will never, ever judge you.
*Friends may come and go but family 
 is forever.
*Take time out for yourself.
*If you love someone, tell them, 
 no matter what. 
*Always remember that you are a product of your environment. Choose who you associate with wisely.

You have so much to learn and experience for yourself, but it's my job, as your mom, to start you off on the right track. I am so proud of who you've already become and I am even more proud of you for adapting to the recent expansion of our family. While you will never remember life before your siblings, I will always cherish our time and the undivided attention I was able to give you. You are my heart, my soul, my everything. You are my Golden Boy. 

All my love,